Things Have Changed For Me, and That's Okay, I Feel the Same, I'm On My Way

Hello there. Call me Rachel, but I'm a sucker for sweet nicknames. I'm a reluctant existentialist, epicureanist; snarky, sassy flower child with a heart of gold. Textbook stubborn redhead who you think it flirting with you but is honestly just being friendly.

I believe in 8 things above all else: Equality, Love, Peace, Karma, Passion, Bohemia, Revolution, and Mother Nature.

Bi Pride!

"Rachel's a quick wit with warm glow eyes and a sharp turn tongue.
(She's pinky swears and piggyback rides and talking until midnight)"

~tipsofpencils, being rather on about yours truly

"There's a Buddhist proverb that you remind me of: 'Lotus blossoms bloom in the mud. The thicker the mud, the more beautiful the flower.' It's obvious that your mud is miles thick, because you, my dear, are fucking stunning."
~sita_face, counseling me

April Ludgate is my hero.

And Emma Stone is my spirit animal.

I'll turn you on with my electric feel.

Mood: cheerful cheerful
Music: Panic at the Disco - That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)
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